The FedEx-EMBARQ MAP project has benefitted greatly from the hard work and dedication of numerous FedEx volunteers. The involvement of highly skilled volunteers from FedEx accelerates the pace at which EMBARQ can disseminate knowledge and build the much-needed capacity for cities to design and implement sustainable transportation solutions. Volunteering also provides an enriching experience for FedEx team members to put their skills to use creating tangible benefits for cities and their citizens.

Two core components of MAP volunteering are the FedEx-EMBARQ Transportation Fellowship and the Global Leadership Corps. Through the Fellowship, FedEx volunteers lead a one-week intensive training for EMBARQ staff from Brazil, India, Mexico, and the United States, who then take this knowledge and apply it to their projects. Through the Global Leadership Corps, FedEx volunteers have the chance to engage deeper in on-the-ground EMBARQ projects around the world, lending technical expertise and assistance. 

Volunteers have also performed ad hoc evaluations of companies and transit agencies, reviewed technical publications, participated in workshops, and led driver safety trainings. EMBARQ would like to thank all FedEx team members who have volunteered for their efforts towards improving the lives of people in cities.

FedEx employee? Contact us to volunteer with an EMBARQ project

In 2014, EMBARQ teamed up with FedEx Human Resources to deploy a set of projects as part of the FedEx Global Leadership Corps Program,...

The FedEx Transportation Fellowship is one of the pillars of the MAP strategy. The program provides EMBARQ’s staff from different...