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EMBARQ's Washington, DC based Global team coordinates efforts to accelerate the MAP strategy and share best practices. EMBARQ facilitates knowledge sharing to bring state-of-the-art practices to cities that would not have access to them otherwise.

Sustainable Urban Transportation Fuels and Vehicles

Leveraging FedEx technical expertise, the FedEx-EMBARQ MAP program launched the Sustainable Urban Transportation Fuels and Vehicles (SUTFV) project to develop research and create a database on clean fuels and vehicles. The project published Exhaust Emissions from Transit Buses, which assesses exhaust emissions of different urban bus fuel and technology combinations. The publication won the Fred Burgraf Award for excellence in transportation research in 2013. 

This research also serves as the foundation of a new tool to help transport operators make informed decisions about which fuel and vehicle technologies are both clean and cost-effective. While data on the cost and environmental impacts of different fuel technologies exists, guidance on which technologies are most efficient and cost-effective given local context is sparse. This tool draws from on-the-ground experiences in pilot cities like Puebla, Mexico and Brasilia, Brazil to inform transport decision-makers and city leaders about the options that suit their city’s particular needs. 

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