Global Leadership Corps

Global Leadership Corps

In 2014, EMBARQ teamed up with FedEx Human Resources to deploy a set of projects as part of the FedEx Global Leadership Corps Program, an initiative for employee development in which FedEx team members are assigned for one month to support corporate citizenship initiatives around the globe. Team members worked with EMBARQ on two projects:

Business Model Review for Auto-Rickshaw Startup

In Chennai, auto-rickshaws transport more than 1.5 million commuters daily. However, the auto-rickshaw sector as a hole faces significant inefficiencies and low quality of service.

Partnering with EMBARQ India, FedEx team members worked directly with AutoRajaa startup auto-rickshaw call service company—for one month to review its business operations and marketing plans and help develop a sustainable business model. At the end of the project, the FedEx team delivered a strong set of recommendations to AutoRaja and held a webinar to present their findings to a broader community. AutoRaja is currently implementing recommendations received from the FedEx team.

Fuel Efficiency Improvements for Chennai's City Buses

Chennai's Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) carries more than five million passengers daily. However, it still faces many challenges to efficiency and operations, particularly as the city grows. In order to further optimize the operations of the MTC fleet, FedEx volunteers worked to enhance fuel efficiency in the MTC’s Adyar Depot through a set of recommendations. These recommendations represent a potential reduction of 442 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year in the Adyar Depot alone, and were presented to the transport secretary of the state of Tamil Nadu.