Vision, Objective, Impact

Vision, Objective, Impact

FedEx and EMBARQ's shared vision and strategy for MAP has resulted in tangible improvements to quality of life for people in cities. The impact of these efforts include avoiding the emission of 30,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide and mobilizing more than 3,000 community members to take action for sustainable urban mobility. 

Here's how we make change:


Cities in key FedEx markets are served by excellent public transportation. They are more productive, healthier, and connected, and have fewer cars on the road, safer streets, cleaner air, and faster commutes and deliveries.


To accelerate dissemination of FedEx and EMBARQ expertise to enable government officials to make informed decisions that will improve quality of life for people.


EMBARQ projects in key FedEx markets help reduce congestion and carbon dioxide emissions and increase the accessibility, road safety, and efficiency of public transportation systems.